How to Avoid Online Scams in 2020

online scams

Hope You all Doing your Best in your carrier. I hope you guys ignore my mistakes. Today I am going to tell u about what is Online SCAM and How to Prevent your self From Getting Hacked and How to Safe your Credit Card and Bank Info while Doing Online Transactions…

What is a SCAM?

So let’s start from getting to know about what is SCAM. According to me, Online Scam is a technique to get unauthorized access to your Personal Info, Bank Info, Credit Card Number, etc.

How you Get Scammed?

A person who scams on you. He must have a source to make a connection with you the most common sources that a Scammer uses is Phone Number or Email Address.

Scam Via Phone Number:-

The scammer uses Phone Number Spoofer(VOIP) that allows him to call you from any number he wants it maybe your Dad number your mother number your Banking Support number it can be Anyone’s Number. He uses that software and Calls you and Ask you about your credit card info or any other personal info he needed to SCAM you and 98% people get scammed in that way because u trust the Caller by His Number.
Prevent your Self From Phone number Scam:-
  1. Scammers Always ask Your Personal info like Credit Card CVV, Routing number ATM Pins, etc which the Orignal caller not.
  2. Never Give Your CC Number, Security Questions on Phone if u have Doubt go to your Bank issuer office.
  3. never enter your Personal Information on any Webpage on caller request.

Scam Via Email:-

Email Scams are the most popular type of Online SCAM. Scammers Use Dumps your email from Online stores etc. (I also have access to emails of size 8.8 GB just showoff). Then he sends the Fake letter to your email which looks like the Real One Example:-
online scams
Prevent From Email SCAM:-
  1. Never open any Link from the email which u think looks like the picture above.
  2. Contact your Account Issuer if you get any mail like that.
  3. Don’t open any mail from SPAM box in your Email Provider

Final Conclusion

Hope you guys Liked My efforts in front of you and once scammer Got access to your personal info he can make you a Beggar from a Millionaire in few minutes

What do you think?

Written by Shehroz Naeem


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