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How to Start a Successful Blog with our free step-by-step-guide (with Snapshots) will help you to create a profitable & professional blog from the beginning in a very short time.

start a blog


A blog is actually a world of information for the people by the people. A blog can be an informational website. Sharing your collected information with the entire world via a blog is well-known as Blogging. A lot of people got confused in A Blog & Website. A blog is also a website but it includes only information & knowledge about anything. The pure website includes products, blogs, information, and many things.


Does blogging really have a future? Well, A lot of people might think Blogging is going to die soon. Let me clear their thoughts. More than 2 million blog posts are being published every day. You can say competition in blogging is going high but blogging can never be dead.

Should You Start a Blog Now?

A common misconception among beginners is you need writing skills while starting a blog or writing a blog. But believe me, 99% blog readers don’t need to read a scientist blog they only need a blog that has enough information they are looking for. Most People read the blogs to get a personal experience by bloggers on things.

You don’t need to be an expert on anything to start blogging. You just need a little experience in anything.  Let’s suppose you know how to cook pizza you can start a blog on pizza cooking.

Why Should you choose Blogging?


Blogging is one of the best ways to increase knowledge on your favorite topics. When you wanna write something you have to search on it & practice to improve your skills and experience. That’s how you can write a good blog on your topic.

Handsome Income:

-One of the most amazing things in blogging is you can write a blog from anywhere any time & enjoy the taste of handsome income even staying at home. If things are done correctly you will be awarded very nicely. Even some part-time bloggers are earning a handsome income from blogging. You can spend a few hours to write a blog & it will be live within minutes. Most of the famous blogs write 1 post in a week. They are earning a very amazing income from their single blog.

Sharing your thoughts with the world:

-The most amazing thing I like personally is sharing my ideas with the world. I am really in love with sharing my thoughts with the world. You can share your own story/thoughts with the world in a very friendly environment. Some bloggers share their own personal life as well. They share their thoughts, trips, events & family experiences with people.

Community Engagements:

-Blogging in engagement is very beautiful. You write a blog, people read your blog some people comment on your blog. You connect with people via comments. Some people appreciate your efforts, some ask questions, some add their own knowledge and give their own thoughts on the blog. Some people also point out your mistakes if you made. Some people also deviate from your opinion. These comments and your replies matter a lot.

Recognize Yourself:

-Your new blog or latest blog posts might not get you recognized very fastly in the bloggers market, once your blog got famous you will get tons of identification. A lot of famous blog writers are well-known as experts because of their famous blogs. Bloggers are actually enjoying recognition as well.

Internet growth is increasing in the world very fastly. It simply means blog readers are also increasing day by day. So there will be huge potential for you. If you are still thinking to start a blog there is no better time than now.

Let’s Start a blog for you today!

Follows these simple steps to start a blog now

1. Choosing your favorite niche/topic (Topic Research)

2. Picking Domain Name / Blog Name (Registering Domain)

3. Choosing Host / Getting Blog Online (Host Blog & Get it Live)

4. Making your blog beautiful (Customization of your blog)

5. Adding your first blog post (Posting the first post)

6. Getting your blog Famous  (Marketing, SEO, Tricks)

7. The first bite of Money 😛  (Monetization your Blog)

#1 Topic Research

Follow your Hobbies/Passion/Interests.

The profitable startup in blogging to start a blog following your passion, interests & hobbies. There is not any difficult thing to start a blog about your passion. Let’s say you have an interest in cooking food. You have a passion for making tasty burgers. You can start a blog on burgers you can tell people your own methods to make burgers. Starting a blog on what you are passionate about is the most successful blog. You can use Keyword Everywhere Extention for checking keyword volume. Check the volume of the keyword you are going to starting a blog.

Personal Experiences.

You know what is the most interesting thing, personal experiences are also a way of generating dollars. Everyone learns a lesson through personal experiences. Now you will share your personal experiences with the world and earn some bucks. Sharing your experiences with others will really help people in their life. For example, you have experience writing a letter.

300000 people search about writing a letter on the internet every month. It’s a really simple thing if you just write a post on it & market this post. Once this post goes viral you will have 100000 visitors/month from only 1 post. let me show my own example, I helped one of my friend Umar to create a blog & marketing his brand new blog. His brand new blog just earned 5000$ in 5 months.

The Personal Blog/Expert Blog

The personal blog includes all the stuff about you. You share your experienced things and your learnings with your audience. The blog shares your expertise with the world that’s why I call it an expert blog. A personal blog should have a domain with your name. Let’s take an example I wanna start my personal blog. My Name is Shehroz Naeem I will choose domain

You have chosen your topic? It’s time to choose a domain name

#2 Registering Domain

A good blog name should include the topic keyword in it. If you wanna blogging about cars You blog should have keyword Car in the blog name. For example, I wanna blog on weight loss. I have different opinions in it I can choose a domain “” or “”. A lot of other names can be created like this. You can also choose a domain name with including your keyword and your name as well.

If you don’t find the domain name in .com extension you can try .org .net as well. You can also use a hyphen in the domain name. A hyphen domain name should be like which is cool.

You can also use some smart words like “The” “With” “I” “A”. For example, If I don’t find a domain with my name in .com extension I will add “”.

My Recommendation is .com extension.

#3 Getting your Blog Online

Now it’s time to get your blog online & readable for users. Getting your blog online is little technical but my step-by-step guide makes this process really easy & fast.

You need only two things to get your blog online Domain for Blog & Hosting for Blog. The good news is that you will get a free domain along with your hosting package(You are saving 17$).

HostGator is an (Award-Winning Company) hosting company, which provides services to get your blog live readable for users. You must have a host to get your blog online.

Why WordPress

You also need a platform for blogging. I am using WordPress for all my blogs. Now WordPress is powering 30% of websites in the world. Even FB News Room blog is also created with WordPress.

WordPress with HostGator

HostGator is offering free WordPress One-Click installation with any package. I personally use HostGator & it’s my favorite hosting company as well. I will recommend using HostGator for hosting your blog without any troubles.

What What ?? Hostgator ?? Why??

I am using HostGator for my blogs & I recommend because:

  • They register free Domain Name, No one can take this domain (You can also transfer any time anywhere).
  • Free WordPress one-click installation.
  • Still the most secured hosting servers. Modern techniques are applied against hackers.
  • Fast Loading & very reliable websites are built with HostGator.
  • They are available 24/7 to help their customers.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (If you are not happy with HostGator you can cancel your package at any time and get your refund).
  • Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Helps you to encrypt your links and secure your site.
  • They are hosting over 2 million websites/blogs worldwide.

#4 Customization

—>WordPress Login. 

To Get started with WordPress you have to log in with your username/email & password(Sent to you via email by Hostgator). Go to & enter your username & Passcode. Replace “YourSite” with your website/blog name. After entering login details hit login Button.

—>Changing Blog Theme/Design.

Everybody have different thoughts in designing. Everybody chooses their own style of how their blog looks like. Some people like fancy blogs some people like a simple blog.

In WordPress customization of the blog layout is known as changing the theme of the blog. A lot of free themes are available on the internet for WordPress you can choose any free theme for your blog.

Changing the theme of WordPress blog is really simple. Simply click go to WordPress dashboard & click on “Appearance”.

In Appearance, you will see themes tab open themes tab & click on “Add New”. Some themes provided by WordPress are already free for you. Which are shown in the snapshot? You can also use these themes for free. If you have installed a lot of themes you can search your favorite themes using the search bar.

After opening add new window you will have a lot of free themes. You can scroll the themes and can select your favorite themes. You will have a search bar also. If you know any theme which is best for you, you can search for it using the search bar.

wordpress blog

Install any theme by clicking on Install. You can also preview the theme before installing it. Just click on Preview you will get the preview before installing. After installing the theme hit the “Activate” button to activate the theme for your site.

wordpress blogg

If you are still unable to decide the theme. Use the WordPress Feature filter which helps you to find the theme of your choice. Go to themes and click on the feature filter. It will show a lot of useful filters. You can choose the options of your choice. For example, If I am looking for a blog theme I will tick on the blog in Subject Table. Apply all filters of your choice and select the theme you like & hit Install & Activate.

If you are still unable to decide the theme. Use WordPress Feature filter which helps you to find the theme of your choice. Go to themes and click on the feature filter. It will show a lot of useful filters. You can choose the options of your choice. For example, If I am looking for a blog theme I will tick on the blog in Subject Table. Apply all filter of your choice and select the theme you like & hit Install & Activate.

#5 Publishing

Now it’s time for Blogging! Let’s do some blogging. Now you have to write your first post & publish it.

Go to your dashboard. Click on Posts. You will see “Hello World” default post there, Move this post into Trash because you don’t need it. Click on Trash and it will be deleted.

blog wordpress

Now Click on “Add New”.

Now you are in editor mode. You can add your title where I have mentioned the title “Your Post title here”(This title will be shown on Search Engine).

blog wordpress

After adding the title you will write a blog post as you like to post. You will write a blog post in the box where I have mentioned: “Your Blog Post in detail here”.

Adding visual’s graphics, pictures, or any kind of media in the blog is very important to make your content-rich. Adding media is not rocket science. it’s really very easy.

adding media to wordpress

There are two ways to adding media in WordPress. You have the “Add Media” button in the post editor as well as in WordPress Home Layout.

Simply click on “Add Media” Button & Select the files you want to upload into WordPress. Now insert the media into the post.

Once you have done everything hit the “Publish” button on the right side.

Congratulations Your First Blog Post is Published.

#6 Indexing

It is very important to submit your blog in Google Webmaster to get index in google search engine. If you have submitted your blog in Google Webmaster Follow my steps.

Getting your blog index in Google

Click Here for webmaster link SIGN IN with your Google account by click on SIGN IN on the right top corner.


Search console screen will appear

Click on Start Now.

webmaster tool

Now you have to enter your domain name/Blog name you want to add in webmaster. There are two methods of verification. The domain verification method will verify your property using the DNS(Domain Name Server). URL prefix method will verify your property using multiple verification methods.

verify mebmasters

I recommend the URL prefix Method.

Enter your URL in the box and click on CONTINUE.

A verification window will appear.  You will have different methods to get verified. But my favorite method is the HTML tag method.

Click on the HTML tag (easy method) and copy the code.

Go to WordPress Dashboard & click on the Theme Editor in Appearance.

theme editor wordpress

Click on Theme Header File (header.php) in Theme Files.

Paste the code before </head> & Click on Update File.

verifying webmaster tools

Go back to the webmaster page & Click on VERIFY.

ownership verified

Congratulations. Your Ownership for the blog is verified in Google Search Console.

#7 Marketing:

There are different techniques & methods to market your blog. Everyone has own method to market the blog.

I will share the easiest methods to market a blog which I use to promote my blogs.

Accuracy Content means a lot in blog marketing. If you are writing content that is accurate to the topic. Readers will get all the exact things they searched for. They will love your content & your blog readers will increase this way.

Look & Feel Your blog look should be so decent and according to your users. If starting a blog on cars you will design the blog very decently and according to the car’s blogs.

Your header, categories, posts should easy to find on the homepage. Some time user didn’t find the categories on the home page so he didn’t read further & leave the blog.

—> Social Media Startup Boost

Social media is proven very powerful marketing. Promoting blogs via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & all other social media is gaining tons of visitors daily.

Share your amazing content & create your trust among social media audience.

Pinterest is proven as a very powerful source of traffic. A lot of bloggers are getting tons of traffic via Pinterest daily.

I highly recommend Pinterest to gain traffic fast. 

Note: Social Media is for sharing content, not for spam. Don’t try to blast your content in groups, pages, etc.

—> Engagements:

In marketing sharing content is the most powerful thing. This is two-way marketing tactics. People who are connected with you will appreciate the attention you will provide.

Share their content, engage them with you. When you will post some new blog they will share your content as well. That’s how your circle will increase day by day.

—> Guest Blogging

Referral traffic is powerful marketing for bloggers! One of my most favorite & best method of getting traffic is guest posting on the relevant blogs. Some Blogs offer a content link for guest bloggers! some provide a link back to your site in the author box. Both are powerful to try to write guest posts and increase your traffic.

Allow guest post on your blog as well. It doesn’t increase only traffic it builds relations with other bloggers.

—> Groups, Communities & Forum Answers

There are a lot of groups on social media and a lot of forum sites on the internet. Just join groups which are relevant to your blog and help people. You can post your relevant content link in the answer. It will not only increase your traffic it will also increase your circle and followers.

—> Blog Commenting

When you do comment on blogs, you got attention from that blog owner & readers. If your comment is found helpful they check out your profile and visit your blog as well. Some times blog owner offer you to write a guest post.

Monetizing Blog

Monetizing a blog is really the most important thing in Blogging! If you don’t wanna monetize your blog you will never earn money.

There is two simple way to monetize your blog.

  • Promoting Affiliate Offers (Recommended)
  • Showing Ads on Blog

Promoting Affiliate Offers(Recommended):

Promoting affiliate offers and making money thought it is well known as affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you promote some products and earn a commission.

Let’s suppose you have created a blog on weight loss, you will promote some weight loss products through your blog and you will earn a commission from it.

Affiliate marketing is my most favorite thing in blogging.

Can I earn through affiliate without having experience?

The most amazing thing about Affiliate marketing is we don’t need the experience to do it.  Because it is very simple & easy. Experience in affiliate is not a necessary thing. You can earn via affiliate with zero experience.

 Without having experience in affiliate marketing, I earned 494$ in 1 Month.

I need investment for affiliate marketing ?

You only need some bucks to host your blog with Bluehost. If you promote it through ad networks (like Google Ads) so you need investment, or if you purchase some extra thing for your WordPress blog like plugins, themes, etc. otherwise, you don’t need a single penny.

How to do Affiliate Marketing:

In the market, there is a lot of platforms where you can do affiliate marketing. For beginners, I will recommend Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) and the Amazon Affiliate Program.

You can see CJ Affiliate Dashboard in the snapshot. There are a lot of products which I can promote.

To promote them just have to click on Join Program & your application will be submitted.

There are some approved advertisers “Interserver” you can see I can direct get links to promote their product.

Showing Ads on Blog:

You can also earn money by showing ads on your blog. There are a lot of companies which offer ads to show on the blog and give us money. But one of the most popular & trusted ads company is Google Adsense.

AdSense is the selection of 2 million individuals. In 2015, Google paid $10B to their publishers showcasing the facility of AdSense that’s as a result of hundreds of thousands of advertisers compete for the advert area.

How to Make Money via AdSense (Sign up here for Adsense)

Whereas the web is filled with choices, Google AdSense is one of the highest and by far essentially the most dependable. All you need to do is the right analysis, produce high-quality content material and create an AdSense account.

Google AdSense is the best platform to monetize your website visitors by displaying adverts in your web site alongside the common content material. When adverts are seen or clicked, you’ll earn some bucks.

Google AdSense has some guidelines that you need to follow with all of the associated Google policies as they have an inclination to alter it sometimes. This isn’t a full listing however following insurance policies are commonest and important to abide by to maintain a bona fide account.

You know extra concerning the commercial, you could comply with the usual process of typing the URL of the advert into your browser. Never click on the Ads running on your own blog by Adsense (It’s against Adsense policy).

Best Wishes Happy Blogging!